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White Sage Organic spray


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150mls of authentic white sage clearing mist is available for you.

If you are looking for support with managing your moods, and protection from negative energy , this white sage hydrosol could be an essential aspect of your tool box.

Spiritually and emotionally this mist will support you, allowing you to release negativity and ground yourself.

This organic white sage has been distilled with the intention of supporting you though your daily life, and enabling you to remain present and calm in each moment. White sage hydrosol is a wonderful meditation support, clearing mist to be used in difficult times or as a general reset, and is also a beautiful facial toner offering anti fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

We have purpose cultivated our own Grove of organic white sage, where we care for the plant, connect with the plant and when appropriate harvest to distill its magic leaves into an effective and calming clearing mist.


we hope this mist brings more calm, joy and balance to our world.