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Natasha Spicer

Natasha Spicer

Clairvoyant Medium & Crystal Healer

Natasha is founder and Owner of Wisdom is your Wellbeing Centre is an experienced Medium.

Namaste, My Name is Natasha and I am a Medium. I Have been doing one on one Readings for about 12 years now. I have always been able to connect to spirit and at times haven’t always understood the things I see and hear. This is what inspired me to want to help others understand Spirit. I assist by connecting with your guides, your loved ones, they bring through me clarity along your path, past present & future. I believe it is my purpose to make these connections to bring healing into your world so you can fulfil yours. I work with light energies of spirit that bring peace and understanding into your Being.
I also Communicate with light vibrations of Colour & Crystals and allow myself to be used as a channel for healing, as a Channel I anchor the energies from the different dimensions. We assist you bring into your Being back into balance again.

When you feel balanced you have a connection with the divine, a part of you that knows your purpose, that part of you that knows you are spirit. Assisting you to dissolve fears, anxieties & the programming that is keeping you still.

Kevin and Myself have run the Spiritual Centre which facilitate Workshops and Development groups, specificity to enhance your spiritual gifts, your connection & intuition. All our services are available both online and in our centre.

Amy DeRuiter

Amy DeRuiter

Remedial and Sports Massage

My name is Amy DeRuiter. I do remedial and sports massage. We work together to determine what it is that you need from a body work session, this may include postural analysis and functional tests. I use a wide range of techniques which will be applied according to your specific needs. Most often I will use neuromuscular technique and deep tissue massage with a focus on fascial release, however if you are very stressed or your nervous system is ‘frizzled’ or you are very sleep deprived, a different approach may be needed.

Remedial massage can help with Headaches and migraines. Over use type issues, RSI etc. Back pain, Lower back issues, Old injuries, Neck pain, Functional issues, Postural correction Scar tissue. And much much more.

Sports massage focuses on improving sports performance, resolving injuries. speeding up muscle recovery or preparation for events.

I also do Pregnancy massage, Ayurvedic massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and holistic pulsing to name a few. I am also a qualified yoga teacher and am currently studying the Bach flowers system. I have been practicing bodywork for 16 years and am continuously updating my education.



Homeopathy and Yoga

Namaste! my name is Jade, I am an acute prescribing homeopath and yoga instructor.

My passion for holistic therapies has lead to pursue homeopathy and yoga to help you regain a physical, emotional and spiritual balance within your body.

Homeopathy is a complementary form of medicine in which a persons physical or emotional ailment is treated using minute doses of a natural substance, that would otherwise cause the symptoms of the ailment if taken in large quantities. After recently completing my diploma in acute prescribing homeopathy I am now ready to assist you with any acute ailments. As a homeopath I believe that the mind, body and soul are all intrinsically linked. During a consultation I will work with you to understand your Acute condition, and take into consideration all aspects of your lifestyle in order to find the ideal remedy. As an acute prescriber, I work closely with other healthcare professionals to insure a comprehensive diagnosis of your condition. If at anytime during a consultation I believe your condition is beyond my scope of practice, I will refer you to a more qualified homeopath or general health practitioner.


What are Acute illnesses?

Acute conditions are severe and sudden in onset. These could included anything from a bone fracture, a cough, skin irritation or stomach flu.

Chronic conditions, by contrast are long-developing syndromes such as asthma or chronic back pain. Due to my current level or training I am only able to assist you with Acute ailments while I completely my second diploma in chronic prescribing.

Yoga has long been a part of my life. Discovering the practice of yoga not only helped me manage my stress and anxiety but also enabled me to develop a deeper connection to my body and the earth. I welcome you to join me Monday mornings 7.30 am with an energetic vinyasa flow, to kick start the week. And, for a deep relaxing stretch unwind with a candle lit yin practice on Thursday evenings 7pm. All levels of flexibility and fitness are welcome!



Spiritual Medium & Sonic/Sound Healer

Kevin is an owner and Facilitator at Wisdom Is Your Wellbeing Centre.

With the energies of light, I offer to assist you on your spiritual journey of higher understanding and the healing of yourself. The readings are given to you by making a spiritual link with you, and those around you, be they in the physical or in spirit, helping to assist you to focus on the areas of your life experience that you are working on and ways to see and deal with the challenges that you are in, often dealing with the issues or blockages that can be created through your many life experiences, bringing about the awareness, understanding and acceptance to help create the changes you are striving for and giving you that opportunity to open up to the true potential that you hold within.

We use the Sonics of Crystal healing bowls and Vibration tuning forks are used for energy balancing & healing on all levels.  We use the Crystal bowls to create sound and sonic vibrations that are compatible to your own energies, to assist in the changes of the energy fields within and around yourself, on all levels of your being, activating and reawakening the healing light & sonic vibration within you. The tuning forks are used for specific areas of healing on a deeper level of your being. Chakra balancing with the crystal bowls is a way to maintain your energy levels of well being within the self. Helping you to work on and understand the consciousness of your experiences, bringing a greater awareness and self-healing that already exists within you.

Robyn Lett

Robyn Lett

Reiki and Massage Therapist

Reiki An ancient gentle way of spiritual healing, working with the subtle bodies and energy fields of the body, mind, spirit.

My name is Robyn.  I have had 16 years’ experience in Holistic healing and am very grateful for the life experience and I thoroughly enjoy using these different forms of healing.  I am a Level 3 Reiki healer and have also done a Relaxation Therapy course in Hastings at the Holistic Lotus Centre which gave me the skills for:

  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Polarity

All this adds to a very relaxed and healed body.

Karen Moore

Karen Moore


My passion and life’s work over the past 20 years has been committed to learning about the philosophy, learning about self and through this I have changed very much from the person I once was. I have been giving readings for several years now and enjoy linking in to spirit to be able to channel through evidence from the other side to my clients, from loved ones already having crossed over.  My work as a spiritualist, rests on several spiritual principles: that we are all interconnected, that we individually and collectively make a difference, that it’s time to “be the change we want to see”, and that it is important for each of us to bring our unique gifts forward. To realize these principles, it’s essential that the spiritual qualities of partnership, collaboration, intuition, nurturing and long-term thinking are integrated within ourselves and within those we love and care.



Reiki Healer and Massage Therapist

Namaste My Name is Jess and I am a Reiki Healer and Massage therapist.

I was born in Wanganui and it’s great to be able to find myself again at home after being overseas. In 2016 I was living the London dream, working my way up the corporate ladder. The standard 9 till 6 jobs Monday to Friday making decent money, some would say I was living the dream. Achieving the goals, ticking all the boxes. But it was a lifestyle I just couldn’t sustain, it all got too much and I found myself being signed off work with anxiety due to stress.

I left the company and spent another 2 months recovering while trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. During this time, I did a lot of meditations and yoga and found it really helped, I was starting to feel like me again.

Eventually, I needed to do something to make money so I went back to my where I started and got a job in a café, for me it was stress-free work. I’ve enjoyed working in a café, as a nanny, and doing events. During this time, I learned Reiki the idea of using the energy we all have flowing through us really appealed to me. Being able to channel light energies to help others heal physically and emotionally sounded right for me.

While in London I studied Massage & when I did My Reiki Training I felt the 2 modalities complemented each other.

Now Embracing the synchronises that have brought me to Wisdom Is your – Wellbeing centre, I am excited to step into myself and become that channel for healing. Using the Teachings that have brought me to the here and now that offer through me Holistic Massage & Reiki Healings, to help you find a balance in your world.

I look forward to working with you

Cheers, Jess.

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