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Sonic/Sound Healing

Crystal healing bowls and Vibration tuning forks are used for energy balancing & healing on all levels. 

We use the Crystal bowls to create sound and sonic vibrations that are compatible to your own energies, to assist in the changes of the energy fields within and around yourself, on all levels of your being, activating and reawakening the healing light & sonic vibration within you. The tuning forks are used for specific areas of healing on a deeper level of your being. Chakra balancing with the crystal bowls is a way to maintain your energy levels of well being within the self. Helping you to work on and understand the consciousness of your experiences, bringing a greater awareness and self-healing that already exists within you.

Amy DeRuiter

Amy DeRuiter

Remedial and Sports Massage

My name is Amy DeRuiter. I do remedial and sports massage. We work together to determine what it is that you need from a body work session, this may include postural analysis and functional tests. I use a wide range of techniques which will be applied according to your specific needs. Most often I will use neuromuscular technique and deep tissue massage with a focus on fascial release, however if you are very stressed or your nervous system is ‘frizzled’ or you are very sleep deprived, a different approach may be needed.

Remedial massage can help with Headaches and migraines. Over use type issues, RSI etc. Back pain, Lower back issues, Old injuries, Neck pain, Functional issues, Postural correction Scar tissue. And much much more.

Sports massage focuses on improving sports performance, resolving injuries. speeding up muscle recovery or preparation for events.

I also do Pregnancy massage, Ayurvedic massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and holistic pulsing to name a few. I am also a qualified yoga teacher and am currently studying the Bach flowers system. I have been practicing bodywork for 16 years and am continuously updating my education.

William Asbey

William Asbey

Contact C.A.R.E

“I love contact C.A.R.E because it is painless, so we can work on all ages from infant to elderly as well as animals. Everyone I grew up with played sports and now they are riddled with OLD injuries, knees, shoulders, back problems. Yet, we still find the strength to get up and get the job done. Now with ConTact C.A.R.E we can go out and get the job done. Without having to worry about that bad back, those creaky knees, that sore shoulder. ConTact C.A.R.E has given us a second chance at life. And that’s what I love about it and would love to share in this space.”
About Contact C. A. R. E
ConTact C.A.R.E Flinchlock release is a formulated technique designed to locate and release pressure trapped inside of your bones caused by surprise impacts, trauma or shock. By doing so, it enables the body to return to it’s natural bodily functions.
Flinchlocks freeze body movements. The body will compensate these frozen movements by overexerting in other parts of the body. Which is where you feel the pain.
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Crystal Healing

Using light vibrations of Colour & Crystals Natasha Tunes in and allows herself to be used as a channel for healing, balancing and harmonizing those energy centres. 

We are all Born in perfect balance, connected to our highest self and all that is. In life, through our experiences we become unbalanced.  Using Colour, crystals and myself as a channel to anchor the energies from the different dimensions. We assist you bring into your being that balance again and allowing that connection with the part of you that knows your purpose, that part of you that knows you are spirit & can once again be you.

Dyhana Bennett

Dyhana Bennett

Whakararau mai rā e te Mura o te Aroha

Nau mai rā hei poipoia i a mātou, i roto i te
hōhonutanga o tou Atuatanga

Kia kite ai mātou i tou Wehi katoa

Ko Ruapehu te Maunga
Ko Whanganui te Awa
Ko Te  tihaunui-a- Pāpārangi te Iwi

Ko Dyhana Te Whakapono Bennett tōku ingoa
Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa.

Descend upon us o sacred fire of divine love,

Come, embrace and uplift us in the depth
and wisdom of your Godliness.

Awaken us to your Majesty within

I Am Ruapehu, I am my Ancestral Mountain.
I Am Whanganui, I am my Ancestral River.
I Am Te  tihaunui-a-Pāpārangi, I am my Ancestors.

I AM Dyhana, and I humbly acknowledge YOUr Mountain, YOUr River and YOUr People,
as I welcome YOU into this space.

I AM also known as Te Whakapono and I have a young lifetime of wonderful experiences with Wairua, or what you may call ‘Great Spirit’,

‘Holy Spirit’ or ‘God’, ‘Io’ or ‘Ihowa’.

I have walked alongside some truly beautiful, amazingly gifted people, who have given me so much of themselves. I am forever humbled and grateful for their aroha and teachings. Everyone, friend, whānau and foe on my spiritual path has been my healer, and my teacher. They have all contributed to my spiritual growth. Source has raised me through everyone, and through many things. I am an instrument, a channel who willingly lays claim to my lineage to Source. Wairuatanga, Spiritual Healing and understanding saved my life.

I have come to realise in my journey that regardless of our beliefs we all come from the same Source and I honour the different ways Source reveals Him/Herself to us all. I acknowledge the unique, divine blueprint, the Sovereign Spark, that each one of us has been gifted to carry in this lifetime.

I have also learned that our Wairua or Spiritual bodies are as natural to our BE-ing as our physical bodies. It is only through the conditionings and experiences of life and the world today that we have become alienated from our true selves, and from each other.

The conditionings that I speak of impact us in the form of ‘stress’ or dis-‘ease’ which if not treated can turn into physical, emotional and spiritual ‘pain’. I would be honoured to help you alleviate this. I cannot claim to be your healer, only you can do that, but I can offer you my Māori Karakia (Prayer), my Aroha, and my hands to release old stories of pain and dis-ease and claim back your divine blueprint, the Sovereign Spark that is yours and yours alone to carry and bring forward into this world.

I offer mirimiri, which is both physical massage and energy healing to help soothe and bring both your physical and spiritual bodies back into balance. While doing this, I will invite you to go within, to receive and reconnect to your Divine Self, to the Source of your Ancestors, and into your own Power and Majesty.

45 minute Energy Healing Session $45

60 minute Mirimiri Session $60

1.5 hr Mirimiri/Energy Healing Session $90

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