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Potent Organic White Sage clearing mist


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We have harvested the most potent and organic white sage and distilled it in our handmade alembic still to create this divine hydrosol that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of smudging without having to burn or smoke.. perfect for asthmatics and places where smoke isn’t appropriate.. like a Café or waiting room. This Mist has been created to allow you to release and clear all negative points of view and reactions. It has been created to allow you to find peace and calm on the go. When to use: whenever you are feeling uncomfortable, angry frustrated or upset. When you have left a difficult situation and or when there is a communication breakdown. How to use; Connect to self, identify what you choose to release spray the mist around you. Imagine the mist clearing your energy and physical being and bring light into your space. You can use it like you would a Smudge wand. All organic and created with love respect and ritual. Only sage and distilled water. Grown and created in Taranaki Comes with instructions