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Inclusion Quartz




Inclusion Quartz These are wonderful Tumbled stones from Brazil made from Clear Quartz with inclusions which can include Feldspar, Chlorite and many other minerals that are green, cream, red, orange, and other colors. The inclusions make these crystals very unique, beautiful and no two pieces are alike.

Often called Lodolite, Inclusion Quartz or Garden Quartz has a beautiful vibration which can be very useful with healing. It has the amplifying qualities of Clear Quartz  plus the additional vibrations of its inclusions.

Meditation with Inclusion Quartz can connect you to the Higher Self and help you to communicate with other spiritual realms. It can bring forth soothing guidance from spirit guides.

Carry Inclusion Quartz with you when in need of a boost of healing energy.

Inclusion Quartz aides in emotional healing by releasing past-life trauma or early childhood memories that may have caused fear or stress.

1 x 2-3 cm pieces sizes and shapes vary