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A full-color guide to working with crystals and their reflections in the angelic realm * Provides exercises, meditations, and visualizations for working with crystals, including special protocols for balancing chakra energies and connecting to the Archangels for healing * Offers guidance on how to choose or be chosen by a crystal and explains how we can consciously invite crystals into our lives * Includes a compendium of 44 crystal allies and their angelic counterparts, explaining their uses and energies as well as their spiritual messages Looking at the dynamics between crystals, humans, and the angelic kingdom, Kathryn Hudson explains why you might encounter crystals on your life path and shares her personal story of how a crystal gifted to her by a stranger helped her change the direction of her life. She discusses the vibrational resonance that draws us to certain crystals, especially in calling light workers into alignment with their soul purpose, and explains how crystals are energetic mirrors of the angelic realm. She shows how we can consciously invite crystals into our lives and provides a guided channel-opening exercise to create a clear connection between heaven and earth for more powerful work. She also explains how to work with crystals to protect yourself from negative energies, especially helpful for sensitives and empaths.