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Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage


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Ayurvedic massage is a 5,000-year-old system of massage designed to still the mind and body by lowering metabolic rates and instilling an experience of peace and calm. In this state of deep silence, the protective nervous system is disarmed so the therapies can access the deeper tissues where the body holds on to stress and emotional trauma. These massage treatments were said to induce a transformation on the level of consciousness from a stressed state to a deep state of calm that could be carried into daily life. The internal experience of calm created by these treatments promote productivity and heathfulness. Ayurvedic massage is often administered as a part of a treatment program.The massage treatments in Encyclopedia of Ayruvedic Massage are choreographed according to ancient tradition and are often synchronized with two therapists for up to two hours in length. This manual provides the necessary tools to begin Ayurvedic treatments as a part of a spa menu or massage therapy program. More than fifteen rare and exotic Ayurvedic treatments are thoroughly described in step-by-step detail for both massage and spa professionals, as well as those who want to practice Ayurvedic massage with friends, family, and children and infants.


paperback 200 pages