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Namaste everyone
As we leave the cooler winters months and leave our Covid 19 isolation bubbles we feel the anxiousness within our consciousness. Anxiousness about the future of our country, the economic times ahead, fear about the state of the world. Even if this anxiety isn’t in your awareness we see an increase of a lack of sleep, allergies, sickness, tiredness and depression. It’s hard not to look at the things going on around us and not feel these things. It’s hard to stay positive when there is so much negativity around us and fears that are being feed by those that have there own agenda. Within each of us there is this shadow that feeds on these fears, feeds on the media’s conspiracy theory’s and feeds on us feeling unsafe within the world, unsafe out of our bubbles. The truth is that these things have always been around us only now they are magnified, just like among theses cold winter days the sun was shining, we had time with our immediate family’s, we got to all those chores done that we had been trying to find time for, we re-evaluated our work schedules and thought about what it was we wanted in our life’s…. Life has always been uncertain our friends, nothing has ever been guaranteed. We can look out into the world and blame, but we say to you look within and take the time for yourself and ask what am I doing that’s contributing to these energies around me and am I looking for the sunny days. Are you looking at the good things in your life, the things that are great, are you remembering you live in a beautiful country surrounded by nature, we have a lot to be grateful for. Just as there is the shadow part of self  that is anxious about the future, just as there has been beautiful sunny days within our winter months, there is a light within us that can illuminate that shadow around the cool winters bite. Look for the good and you will find it, change your conversations to talk about all the good that’s around and you will soon feel less anxious and more in the Now!  For life is good, we are living we are breathing therefore we have the opportunity to bring more light into our world, it is challenging our friends we just ask you to try.

What’s on at wisdom
Spiritual Saturdays

A guided Meditation, every Saturday at 10.30.
Saturday 26th September Spiritual Healing workshop. Ever wanted to learn healing well here is a good place to start.
Saturday 4th Oct Sonic Light Bath 3-4 come and enjoy a laid back meditation while we play a selection of crystal infused bowls and tuning folks to assist in your rebalancing.
Saturday 10th October Demonstration of clairvoyance 11am – 12. Kevin and Natasha will link with their guides, your loved ones and bring through messages, philosophy and healing in an open forum.
Saturday 17th 11 – 1pm Sonic Vibrations we will have a selection of bowls tuning folks for you to try or experience a demo of sonic healing.
Saturday 24th 11-1pm Oracle card open day, we will have a selection of new oracle cards for you to experience, try.
Saturday 31st 11 – 1 crystal sharing circle, bring your crystals have them identified, learn a little more about them, share your knowledge.

Coming up in November is our 7th year celebration which will. be held on the Saturday 7th November We will be having an open day where you can come and experience our services for Free as a thankyou for assisting us to be a beacon of light within our town of Wanganui! We will have a lot of the team on board that has been here over the last 7 years whom are now out and about still working there magic Come along and be apart of this celebration.

Namaste the team at wisdom 🙂