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Mantras are sacred sounds and phrases that have their origination in the historical texts of the eastern traditions, and as it turns out, there is actually a corresponding mythology behind them. While Alanna KaivalyaĆ¢??s first book, Myths of the Asanas, gave the mythology behind the physical practices of yoga, Myths & Mantras will give the related myths to the yogic practice of mantra recitation allowing readers to have the tools they need to understand the power of this practice and the practical relevance to their lives. The book’s first section presents a group of common mantras that are important for the modern day yoga practitioner, offering a primer and a resource for any practitioner wishing to deepen their understanding of the philosophy and power behind these sacred phrases. Each mantra illuminates an important aspect of yoga, and enhances each practitionerĆ¢??s journey. The second section features popular Kirtan chants commonly used by modern day Kirtan leaders and widely enjoyed by spiritually-minded audiences. Each of these chants also contains a deeper wisdom that can exemplify the path of the spiritual practitioner. Each of the mantras and Kirtans will feature the Sanskrit, the transliteration and the translation. Then, each will be followed by an exposition of the underlying myth and how it applies to a modern-day understanding of yoga philosophy, the goal being to bring the reader closer to a personalconnection with the power of both the myth and the mantra.