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Into the Lonely Woods Gift Book


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The Lonely Woods is a place of beings and becoming’s where sacred solitude brings enriching transformation, and gentle knowing’s help you create beauty and magics even amidst the mundane and the challenging. Drift into the poetic guidance of Lucy Cavendish and the artistic wonder of Day May and go beyond the bustle of time and place to meander the oft-hidden path of your inner wilderness. Here you will discover hope, kindness, and heartfelt awareness. Turn to the wisdom of this beautiful gift book whenever you feel discouraged or need encouragement. Flick gently through the pages and stop when it feels right. Do this, and you will find the words and imagery that speak to your soul at that moment. Or, read through, page by page, until you feel comforted, protected, and perhaps even inspired to go on, filled with the knowledge that the lonesome path can become a sublime and spirit-led quest to discover the greatest gift of all your true self.