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Grounding Rosewood & Red Jasper Mala Necklace


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H:1.6 x W:54 x D:0.8 cm – Crafted from rich, warm rosewood beads and interlaced with striking Red Jasper stones, this elegant necklace showcases 108 beads — a traditional number in Mallah necklaces symbolising spiritual journey and mindfulness — and is finished with a decorative tassel. The Red Jasper, known for its grounding properties and associated with the root chakra, is believed to instill stability, stamina, and a deep connection to the earth, nurturing courage and wisdom in the wearer. A Mallah, or Mala, necklace is a string of beads traditionally used in meditation and prayer in various spiritual practices, including Buddhism and Hinduism. Each bead represents a repetition of a mantra or prayer, aiding in focus and spiritual practices.