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Crystal Healing Journal


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A beautifully designed guided journal, with thoughtful prompts to track your crystal-healing practices and your journey towards better health and well-being, complete with 30 crystal profiles, a history of crystals, and crystal care tips Once you discover the joy and power of working with crystals, you ll want to have them around you every day. They ve been used for millennia, for everything from healing and predicting the future to decorations for temples, homes and the body. And today these gems can help guide your healing practices and enhance your meditations, aiding your journey to greater well-being with their vibrational energy. The Crystal Healing Journal will give you the essential facts about working with crystals for self-care and meditation, from how to choose your crystals, to how to cleanse, charge and care for your collection. Thoughtful prompts will guide you through different healing practices using 30 essential stones, carefully chosen for their restorative powers. Includes over a hundred journal pages for you to keep a record of your experiences with each crystal and to document your own practices. This healing journey belongs to you. May it bring you joy, self-discovery and well-being!

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