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NZQA Holistic Massage

June 13 @ 8:00 am - June 14 @ 5:00 pm


This NZQA-approved training program in Holistic Massage Therapy. The program has been running successfully since 2005.

• Entry to the training is open to anyone aged 16+.
• You do not need to know anything about massage to achieve the course.
• Participants at all levels of experience will benefit from acquiring and practicing
these skills and applying this knowledge.

It is expected that participants in the course will achieve these outcomes.

1. Have a big picture of the history, role and relevance of Massage Therapy in NZ today, including
mirimiri (traditional Māori massage). Understand the crucial role of the Nervous System in successful
holistic therapy.
2. Have a broad understanding of the legislative framework of CAM in New Zealand, with emphasis on
the Health and Disability Code.
3. Construct a 60-minute Massage Therapy session according to a 10-Step Protocol, including contract
setting, delivery of therapy and completion. Make choices at Steps 6 – 9 regarding appropriate
4. Be aware of the significance of emotional, physical and cultural safety when working hands-on with
others. This includes skills for maintaining confidentiality, dignity and appropriate touch. Maintain
appropriate professional boundaries in all therapeutic situations, including self-directed practice.
5. Have a theoretical knowledge of the physiological implications of massage therapy, including basic
anatomy of the musculo-skeletal system, indications and contraindications. Make judgements about the
safety, appropriateness, and techniques in particular contexts, using open questioning techniques and
6. Deliver effective techniques according to the 10-step Protocol, including effleurage and petrissage to
major postural muscle/s. Be creative within the broad framework of basic principles in approaching each
7. Have mindfulness and be respectful of the significance and healing potential of the relationship
between client and therapist in Holistic Massage Therapy. Acknowledge that the quality of the
relationship is the responsibility of the therapist, not the client.
8. Be aware of individual limits of competence for safe practice, and a big-picture understanding of the
type and level of training required to achieve practitioner-level competence. Be able to self-evaluate,
and to assist others to self-evaluate through feedback.
9. You may make a decision after completing the course that further study in Massage Therapy is in fact
not an option for you. This is a legitimate and valid outcome. You can exit the course after the
workshop. Completion of assignment, practice sessions and assessment is optional.

Course length.
There are four components necessary to achieve the course, regardless of the
delivery method.

1. 16 hours face to face training
2. Self-directed study. 8 – 10 hours of self-directed work; this includes study of the Theory Manual, watching the audio-visual
presentation, and completion of a short written assignment.

3. Self-directed practice and Case Studies. 10 hours of self-directed practice (6 clients x 1- hour protocols each,) written up as case studies; 1 hour
15 delivery + 30 minutes write-up per case. These hours are approximate.
Additional practice hours as required and recommended by your tutor.

4. Hands-on competency assessment. Delivery of a one-hour massage to a tutor; this process takes 2.5 hours and includes analysis of your
Case Studies, the opportunity for you to self-assess, and tutor assessment. Performance Criteria for the
competency assessment are transparent.

Your certificate will acknowledge that you have completed an NZQA-approved Holistic Massage Course
(Theory and Practice) of 30 hours, (3 credits) and achieved the required level of competence.
To receive the certificate, you must;
• Attend sufficient tutorial or workshop training hours to meet the Performance Criteria.
• Complete the written assignment and achieve a 75% pass.
• Complete and write up the six Case Studies to present to the tutor during your assessment.
• Complete the assessment process and reach the standard defined in the Performance Criteria. The
assessment component is contracted and paid for separately from the training. There is no certificate
presented if you take this option.
Assessment Policies and Procedures.
• Should you not achieve the required standard in the written assignment, you can repeat it for a
small additional fee.
• Should you not demonstrate the competency required in the hands-on assessment, you can
recontract a second assessment after working out a Skill Development Plan, involving more
supervised practice and/or Case Studies. A second assessment attracts a second fee, and any
additional costs, such as tutor travel. Should the second assessment also not meet the required
standard, you will need to complete a second course, or contract with the tutor around further

Your Tutor Olivia Dexter has 17 years’ experience in massage. She became interested in the health benefits of massage after using it to aid her recovery from Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome. After spending time in Thailand training in Thai Massage she did a diploma in Holistic Massage and A&P in the UK. She now co runs a busy
family business with her partner, an Osteopath, in Auckland. She is a qualified teacher and mindfulness practitioner. Olivia blends skillfulness as a teacher with an ongoing passion for massage. She has an engaging teaching style, making the theory of anatomy and physiology accessible to all, while gently guiding you as you learn new massage techniques in the supportive environment of her home. Her experience running her own massage business, as well as massaging in a spa environment means she is aware of the market and is knowledgeable about how best to promote your new business.


A deposit of $600 is required to secure your spot, $600 at start on course and $300 when sitting assessment.


June 13 @ 8:00 am
June 14 @ 5:00 pm
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