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Welcome to the Dimensions of Light Development Program.

And your opportunity to develop your spiritual awareness and gifts, to understand and experience your spiritual purpose.

What we offer is development meditation groups, workshops, spiritual philosophy, guidance and healing to assist you on a pathway opening and understanding of your true self.

Kevin & Natasha, spiritual mediums have joined together there knowledge and experience to assist in the opening of your awareness and higher consciousness. For all those willing to explore and find their spirit, within the dimensions of light.

This programme of light is an evolving energy, aspects of which change to meet the needs of individuals, this allows for specific energies of light and sonics to be used as needed. We offer a variety of options to assist you for this.

  • Development Meditation
  • Workshops
  • Recorded Channelled Truths

As spiritual beings WE are inseparable from nature and the elements. We are inspired from our experiences and our travels, they reflect the energies of light that we are working with and our link to spirit, as we grow and change so to does the planet, nature and the elemental forces. 

We will continue to change as we evolve, leading us and you to higher understanding and experiences of our true purpose.


We invite you to become a member,  As you become a member you are taking another step on your spiritual journey through the Dimensions of Light we offer.

You’re annual Subscription of $30 will give you the following opportunities.

A position in our development meditation group’s

Downloads from our recorded Channels of Truth’s & Meditations

20% discount for all development workshops that are facilitated by Natasha & Kevin ( Group Members Only )

Updates to our site, programmes, workshops, monthly newsletter, sales, calendar of our demonstrations, talks  and workshops.

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Development Meditation group’s

Are a closed group at our sanctuary of Wisdom is Yours, 200b Victoria Avenue, Wanganui,  Tuesdays 7pm Sharp  fortnightly.

There are lots of car parks around the back and entrance is through the back door.  Natasha and Kevin guide these groups if you are interested in joining in on these circles please contact us by selecting contact us on our page or Facebook messenger.

Otherwise come and try our meditation held every Saturday 10.30 am, no experance necessary it is open to everyone and cost is a donation.


Attend a fun day of learning, growth and development with one of our workshops. We also have rooms available to hire and have travelling clairvoyants/healers Teachers that offer other new ways for you to explore your spiritual self.

See workshops

Channelled Truths

We provide a library of “Channelled Communications” from our spirit guides.

These are recordings of our public addresses given to bring to you an opportunity for higher understanding of spiritual knowledge and truths.

We will be continually adding to this library of recordings as we work in this way with spirit.

Listen to Recordings


We have available for you a wide range of tools and items to assist you in awakening your energies, awareness, spiritual experiences and healing.

These include:

  • Crystals
  • Music
  • Healing Bowls
  • Books & Cards
  • Pendulums
  • Incense
  • Healing Balms

These can be viewed and sourced from our healing sanctuary & shop at “Wisdom is yours” 200b Victoria street, Whanganui, or visit our online shop with the link below.

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