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Beyond the Secret


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Title: DVD-Beyond the Secret
Description: Beyond The Secret features Emmy award-winner Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Marcia Wieder, Paul Martinelli and many other great motivational teachers, authors and visionaries who take you to the next level with their every day, common sense, practical advice. Bob Proctor who is prominently featured in ‘The Secret’ says, ”The Secret’ was a phenomenon, but it’s incomplete and confuses a lot of people. What we do is take them beyond that and teach people how to take control of their lives.’ ‘There was a very important step missing from ‘The Secret,” says Paul Martinelli. ‘We let you in on the true secret to living the life you want in Beyond The Secret.’ Marcia Wieder says, ‘A dream is not a fantasy, like winning the lottery, where you have no control. Many people will cross their fingers or hope and pray for a miracle that will change their life. ‘Beyond The Secret’ will let you discover truths about who you are and the enormous potential you have to live a dream life — what you really want your life to be like After two highly-rated appearances on OPRAH, the talk show host said, ‘Marcia’s right! You have to be able to identify what you really love and really want, before you can get it.’
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